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No Cameras Allowed “MTV Trailer”

“No Cameras Allowed” follows James Marcus Haney’s journey of breaking into music festivals and getting into circles with names like Mumford & Sons and Jay Z.


Solar Wind

Solar Wind from Julius Horsthuis on Vimeo.

2396 AD.
A space vessel is stranded in the outer Oort cloud.
No help is coming. The Explorers and Astronomers aboard, suffering from asphyxiation and frostbite are starting to hallucinate.
This is their Fractal Hallucination.

by Julius Horsthuis


The Drybrush Master [B&W]

The Drybrush Master [B&W] from Ben Tobin on Vimeo.

Watch it in color

The story of artist and New York Times Best Selling author Greg Ruth, and the creation of his newest graphic novel, The Lost Boy.
To learn more about Greg and his work or to purchase a copy of The Lost Boy go to

Photographed and edited by Ben Tobin [all video material is ©Ben Tobin 2013]
Additional Photography and Sound Recording by Justin Fleuriel and Sarah Wentworth
Original Art by Greg Ruth [all images are ©Greg Ruth and may not be reproduced in any form]
Sound Mixing and Design by Enoch Jensen, Eastlake Recording
Greg Ruth interview audio recorded by Justin Fleuriel
Original Score by Nicky Royston
Color by Peter Swartz, Colorspace Finishing

Special Thanks to
Jane Yolen
Ruth Sanderson
Emmett Ruth
Jen Smith
Nate Ruth
Rebecca Guay
Charles Kochman
David Saylor
Diane deGroat
Nan Parati
Elmer's Store
Neil Bramlette
Chad Thompson
Delta Carney
The Eric Carle Museum
R. Michelson Galleries



NO CAMERAS ALLOWED is a documentary about a college kid that jumps a fence into a music festival and steals the dream of a lifetime. With no money for tickets, Marcus Haney does everything from outrun security guards to pose as a press photographer in order to see his favorite bands at music festivals all over the world. The story, as seen through Marcus’ camera, takes us on a first person, unfiltered adventure into Coachella, Bonnaroo, Glastonbury, Ultra and other festivals as he finesses his way into the photo pit, backstage, and onstage of the biggest music acts alive, including Jay Z, Coldplay, Skrillex, and Mumford & Sons. When his footage ends up in the hands of Mumford & Sons, the band invites Marcus to go with them on a tour across America by vintage train. His dream of touring with Mumford & Sons, however, comes at the risk of failing out of college, losing his girlfriend, and trading in stability for a precarious life on the road. No Cameras Allowed is an intimate, honest, behind the scenes look at world-renowned artists from the perspective of someone who was never really invited, but was always asked to stay.

Check out the event page


“Elucidated” ft. Tiffany Chung

reimagining Carey Alexander’s A Score Without a Film

“Elucidated” ft. Tiffany Chung from Danny Garcia on Vimeo.

Elucidated – Promo Video for A SCORE REIMAGINED

Music: Gianni… X Carey Alexander
Dancer: Tiffany Chung
Directed / Edited by: Danny Garcia
Titles / Artwork by: Shawn James


Source material :
Carey Alexander : A Score Without a Film : "Elucidator" :

dgtalFILM :

2014 ©. All rights reserved.



Honor the Father

Honor the Father from Christopher Tevebaugh on Vimeo.

Diana Bright grasps for a means to escape her husband’s transformation from insecure youth to domineering husband in this musical short about the 1950′s South.
Winner of “Local Grit” at The 2014 Indie Grits Film Festival.
Get the full story! All seven songs, characters and events are on this one EP!
The band’s Facebook page:
Film Project’s Facebook page:


(Film Noir) Sazerac

(Film Noir) Sazerac from Christopher Tevebaugh on Vimeo.


Dumb in the Sun (Official Music Video)

Dumb in the Sun (Official Music Video) from Anthony Gaddis on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes here:

Greg (Shadwick) and I started off with as many California-dreamy crazy ideas you could possibly conceive of. like Jorodowski’s Sagrada Montagna. we had tons of weirdo but mythologically relevant ideas. but after a while it became obvious that things had to be more ambient or it would be a disconnect from the track. As the idea developed, the car became the corporeal body you are in, the reflections on the glass dream, fantasy & memory- inspired by the track. or by nothing at all. this happens every day. life is more fantasy than reality- we weren’t going to beat people over the head with it, but that was the point we wanted to make. – Anthony Gaddis


Independent Artists – One Day In L.A. from Boijon Media on Vimeo.

Nine independent artists of Los Angeles County express why they are in this city and what they hope to see for the future of Los Angeles as part of a city-wide, participatory media-creation event for “ONE DAY ON EARTH”

Hearing from these artists in the Artists Collective Community.
Spencer Snider – Writer
Gianni Abbott – Music Producer
Dean Hemfling – Experimental Artist
Alex Abbott – Musician
Eddy Huang – Musician
Hank Fontaine – Musician
Veronica Wood – Filmmaker
Shawn Dorman – Graphic Designer
Benjamin Magrdichian – Multimedia Artist
Music by Khadisma
Song “Shape Up”
Filmed & Edited by Benjamin Magrdichian
Additional Footage By Danny Garcia
Produced by: Boijon Premier, Peter Kazanjian, Noah Kazanjian & Rory Mitchell


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