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The Boijon Artists Collective Community

We are a collaborative blog of artists.

I have always been encouraged, stimulated, and fascinated by art. It has been a central influence in my life. one can be easy to get lost in the hustle & bustle of survival in Los Angeles, the media capital of the world. Because of that, I feel over the past few years I have failed to contribute fully and continue my growth as an artist. However during my sabbatical I realized that its not just the art, but the artist whose life and work expresses their vision, which is art.

The internet has made the tools and resources for creating content and distributing, easier and more complicated. The Boijon ACC will not only be a blog that explores various medians of art but we will also provide vital feedback on the latest technical resources.

My name is Benjamin James Magrdichian, I am Multi-media Artist. I intend to bring togther the community of artists that have inspired me and use my voice and efforts to create a community of artists.