Life became clear to me in a jar of white asparagus.

Nutritionists recommend eating as many colorful foods as you can get your hands on. The more varying in color(natural colors, not soda and candy, but fruits and veggies), the wider range of vitamins contained. Example: green spinach with carrots and tomato. Those are three pretty solid colors, and a distinct set of vitamins in each vegetable. What’s interesting is that all the fruits and vegetables in the world come from the same water and sun, it’s just the variation in perspective that allows for such diverse and beneficial productions, and always maintaining the title of energy-source/life-source. A carrot sends up it’s hair to see the sun and decides to make vitamin A. Oranges mimic the sun and make C, and so on and so on.

As for the asparagus, I hadn’t heard of white asparagus until I came to spain. What they do is grow the vegetables in a sun-free atmosphere, and as a result the asparagus never gets color, I imagine that to be a result of its lack of vitamins, however good it may taste.

Regardless of the vitamins they don’t give me, I will forever be grateful to these white asparagus, they answered a question that at some point we all come to. If what some say is true, and we’re all the same person beneath it all, what’s the point in having so many lives here on earth? Why So many people and experiences? It’s enough to make one doubt. But as I looked down to fish these asparagus out of the jar, it became clear: if fruits and vegetables can perceive the sun and water in so many different ways as to come up with such a variety of flavors and vitamins, shapes and species, what can countless billions of human beings perceive in the same world, and how many ways can we see the same sun? If, to live healthy, energetic lives, we need to take in all these different fruits’ and vegetables’ perceptions of the sun and H2O, One very great and large being would live quite well with the combined perception of so many billion human beings, right? Not to mention that each of us would and do begin to mushroom in growth as we gather and share perceptions, information and experiences. 

Every vision of the sun contributes to growth. 

Our eyes are like lenses through which the sun passes before reaching the earth, and each set of lenses, constructed by the combination of history and individual–a combination that never repeats–mold, shape, color, retell, construct and word such light into a pattern that leaves its mark on the earth forever. And a thousand mirrors show you a thousand suns. With each new person on earth, a new sun is born, a sun that is like to a blank sheet of paper or lump of clay, offering the greatest gift of all: free will of creation, with which we may remake the infinite sun however we choose, each with our own, and each equally beneficial to the rest.

Written on a Monday