Bon Iver- Self Titled Album

Two years since their latest release, Bon Iver is ready for their self-titled album to hit the stands. I’ve listened to it already, and as a guy who fell asleep listening to For Emma, Forever Ago pretty much every night in my sophomore year of college, I’m ready to do it again with Bon Iver. I can tell you, it’s much different than their previous releases. Perhaps more structured, diverse, and fuller, but just as experimental and beautiful as ever (featuring electric guitars, pianos and the lullaby-like harmonies, of course!). The rest of the band has a larger presence, where Bon Iver’s other releases seemed like Justin Vernon playing his acoustic guitar over amazing and ambient production (but don’t worry, there’s plenty of that too).

Preview here:

You can download the new single, Calgary, for free here:

And pre-order here:


Sweet Dreams!