“Elucidated” ft. Tiffany Chung

reimagining Carey Alexander’s A Score Without a Film

“Elucidated” ft. Tiffany Chung from Danny Garcia on Vimeo.

Elucidated – Promo Video for A SCORE REIMAGINED

Music: Gianni… X Carey Alexander
Dancer: Tiffany Chung
Directed / Edited by: Danny Garcia
Titles / Artwork by: Shawn James

Gianni… : A SCORE REIMAGINED : gianniabbott.com

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Carey Alexander : A Score Without a Film : "Elucidator" :

dgtalFILM : dgtalfilm.com/

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The Companion Experiment

The Companion Experiment from Human Creature on Vimeo.

“The Companion Experiment” is a duet that traces the evolution of a relationship between two strangers who are the unassuming subjects of a strange, undefined experiment. Through the interaction of the subjects, the experiment calls into question the physical and emotional aspects of dominance and control, partnership and role reversal, lust, love, rage, loss, and heartache. This piece incorporates counterbalance partnering with urban street aesthetics, contemporary modern dance techniques, and stylized Lindy Hop.

This duet was originally created for the San Francisco Hip Hop DanceFest in 2008 and then was later made into a film which premiered as part of “Creations” at the Met Theatre in Hollywood, 2011.

Choreography: Derek Harris

Film Direction: Ryan McNeill

Performers: Derek Harris and Meegan Hertensteiner

Music: The Dust Brothers

Filmed on location at More Media, Los Angeles, CA 2011

The Dancer Mimi

See these dance video’s that inspired the book The Dancer Mimi by Gene Geter

The Dancer Shoko from Gene Geter on Vimeo.


Live And The Best Of Shoko Tamai from Gene Geter on Vimeo.

The world is connected. – Shoko Tamai



Shoko Tamai has traversed the world stage with unmatched distinction, power, beauty and elegance in the world of Ballet. She continues to dazzle the masses, evolve her profession and influence her art by combining Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance with all-original and interpretive choreography in her theater performances.

Hailing from Yamanashi, Japan, a small mountain town located in the far outskirts of Tokyo, Shoko has been a classically trained ballerina since the age of two and has since toured with The Central School of Ballet (London, UK), The American Academy of Ballet (NYC, USA), The Paris Opera (France) and The Madrid Ballet School (Spain). Her undying dedication to her art has led her to grace the globe, lighting up the stages of famed venues that include London’s Royal Opera House, Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, and The Theatre Royal in Glasgow.

Shoko Tamai has competed from Hong Kong to New York and has the honor of being a Finalist in The World Ballet Competition and a Gold Medalist in the New York Ballet Competition (American Academy of Ballet). Her explosive resume and qualifications aside, Shoko is a true pioneer in her own right as she distinguishes herself on-stage with her exquisite history and story-telling through expressive dance. Each one of her performances promises to deliver a unique, stimulating visual and musical experience that should not be missed!

The Dancer Mimi was loosely inspired by real Japanese dancers Shoko Fujita and Shoko Tamai. It is available at Amazon.com in paperback. Check it out.