paintin’ the sky with Peytey – Music Video

Artists Emily Daniel & Abbey Nelson were influenced by Amish culture and European countryside and collaborated together in Germany to make a Music Video for the song Paintin’ the sky with Peytey from the recently released album Gianni Plays The Classics as the first Music Video of the collection.

Emily Daniel toke on the project in January of this year and discussed concepts with Gianni which included a lot of physical elements. – “We really wanted the listener to feel the sounds and then see the subject on screen touch something, making the sounds malleable.”

Filming the entire music video in one weekend in a city park called Stadtwald which translates to city forest on two DSLR’s – “Somehow we ended up with a folklore fairytale esq design, but I do think that has something to do with recent fascination with the woods and living here in Germany.”

During production Emily handled directing the actors and Abbey dealt with the post & editing of the project which she incorporated stop motion photos and slow frame (50p) shots while editing and a lot of sequences that jumped from photographs to choppy slow mo video. With a unique and diverse group of actors ranging from ages 18-28, the concept is not entirely locked into a certain place or time. -“I still want to maintain the image that this is fantasy- an illusion hanging somewhere in the back of the mind. Sort of a dark and playful daydream if you will. It was also very important for us to cut some parts to the music, bit in a general way, keep it very distant. I’m not a huge fan of films that say exactly what they mean.”

-“Although the music is upbeat and then fast and drifts in and out of maddening tempos, it floats in some comprehensible way at the same time incomprehensible wave with the film itself.”