Traumas Linger

Emotions linger–
Emotions of the dead,
Traumatized Spirits
what was meant to cure,
cure people of their traumas.
It lived through The Great War, and The Second,
Vietnam, and The Gulf.
But rather than lay their broken bodies to rest,
they broke their spirits–
causing trauma,
and eternal unrest.
They say there’s no rest for the wicked.
Here we find the victims of the wicked,
restless and victimized,
by those wicked
hired to relieve the burdens
of those already traumatized.
Enter the halls and feel,
the relentless grief, the pain and lingering trauma
caused by our so called “Healers.”
Here victims of victims
live on restlessly,
and all those wicked,
whose job it was to relieve them
of their troubles,
rest quietly in their graves,
marble tombstones,
and inheritance for those they left behind.

Traumas Linger from Boijon Media on Vimeo.

GDP – Yancy Deron


GDP – Yancy Deron from Danny Garcia on Vimeo.

GDP “The Nightmare” by Yancy Deron (Produced by Sincere)
The purples will put you to sleep…
Directed / Shot / Edited by: Danny Garcia
Starring: Yancy Deron, Christina Forbes, Gina Bido, & Nicole Stark
Black Light Masks: Gladstone ‘Gsteaz’ Rennie Jr. / Jacob Quetant / Audrey ‘Dreezzzy’ Capilla / Pamela ‘Chrissy’ Cooper / Kamila Andrews / Bryan ‘BR’ Davis / Teff Mogus / Kofi Rogers
Earrings/Jewelry by: Dreezzzy – LoveSoundzJewelry
Hair Stylist: Faith Allen
Make-up: Lauren Mountain
Make-up Assistant: Laura Magana
Assistant Director: Josh Wagner
B-Camera Op: Cynthia Ruiz
Gaffer: Brian Kanally
Best Boy: Edgar Machuca
PA: Ariana Garcia & Liz Wagner
BTS Photography: Ben Magrdichian & Chasen ‘Flo’ Spellman
Wardrobe Provided by: Robinsons Beautilities & Make Believe Costume
Special Thanks to:
Mayra Rosado
Richard Garcia
Eddie Arguelles
Revolution Cinema Rentals
Richard @ Linda Vista Hospital

Lingering Bodies

Something unnameable, intangible–
ethereal–fills these halls.
Enter and feel the call of the void.
Lingering spirits, whose bodies misplaced,
seek peace in retribution–vengeance.
Respect for the dead is a long held tradition–
it’s basic human rights–even on the battlefield.
But in a place
where those warriors of life, pain, and suffering
sought refuge, healing, care
were confronted with the deepest disrespect for human life–
their bodies thrown in closets and empty spaces;
disregard for humanity in its most fundamental sense:
the treatment of the dead,
the disrespect for the bodies they inhabited, lived in, called their own–
worked with, made and raised children with,
fought the everyday battle–
something lingers, not just in the air.
something pervades, invades the souls of all who enter,
reminding them:
“Each person fought a battle,
and when that battle’s over
they need to be treated with the warrior’s code–
or the common traditional burial rites–
in which respect is paid to those who fought,
for until they receive this recognition,
they’ll stick around,
reminding those who enter
of the battles they fought,
and the hardships they endured.”
Until they get this recognition–
compensation for their struggles,
even just remembrance–
they’ll share their experiences
with all they can
until one day,
someone understands,
and sets them free.
Respect must be paid to the soldiers of life,
for soldiers all are we
in the everyday struggle,
fighting the forces of the mean–
the average,
your neighbor,
and your best friend down the street.

Lingering Bodies from Boijon Media on Vimeo.