Independent Artists Of Los Angeles County – One Day In L.A.

Independent Artists – One Day In L.A. from Boijon Media on Vimeo.

Nine independent artists of Los Angeles County express why they are in this city and what they hope to see for the future of Los Angeles as part of a city-wide, participatory media-creation event for “ONE DAY ON EARTH”

Hearing from these artists in the Artists Collective Community.
Spencer Snider – Writer
Gianni Abbott – Music Producer
Dean Hemfling – Experimental Artist
Alex Abbott – Musician
Eddy Huang – Musician
Hank Fontaine – Musician
Veronica Wood – Filmmaker
Shawn Dorman – Graphic Designer
Benjamin Magrdichian – Multimedia Artist
Music by Khadisma
Song “Shape Up”
Filmed & Edited by Benjamin Magrdichian
Additional Footage By Danny Garcia
Produced by: Boijon Premier, Peter Kazanjian, Noah Kazanjian & Rory Mitchell

One Day On Earth

ONE DAY ON EARTH creates a picture of humanity by recording a 24-hour period throughout every country in the world. We explore a greater diversity of perspectives than ever seen before on screen. We follow characters and events that evolve throughout the day, interspersed with expansive global montages that explore the progression of life from birth, to death, to birth again. In the end, despite unprecedented challenges and tragedies throughout the world, we are reminded that every day we are alive there is hope and a choice to see a better future together.

Founded in 2008, ONE DAY ON EARTH set out to explore our planet’s identity and challenges in an attempt to answer the question: Who are we?

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Many thanks to the contributors of One Day on Earth, Vimeo, Ning, United Nations, and the 60+ non-profits for making this happen.

Director: Kyle Ruddick
Producer: Brandon Litman
Co-producer: Daniel Lichtblau
Production Supervisor: Gina Nemirofsky
Editors: Michael Martinez & Javier Alvarez
Trailer Editor: Michael Martinez

Joseph Minadeo
and Beirut

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