Sebastian Wesman
“Visual Poems” by Sebastian Wesman

“Visual Poems” is an ensemble of short cinematographic pieces which their author defines as haikus in image.

In these, Wesman reflects the beauty and mystery in the everyday life of a city, with an emphasis on the image that is almost pictorial. There is a hint of influence by the paintings of Edward Hopper, like in the case of “The Electric Garden of Marilyn”, and the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, reflections of which can be sensed in the visual poem “My Friend”.

The pieces were filmed in Tallinn, Estonia, but because of the universal character of the work, it could have been filmed in any other city in the world.

For the music of “Visual Poems”, the director and composer Sebastian Wesman created a choir and a string quartet to accompany and to give evident depth to each poem. Some of the poems are accompanied by solo piano, performed by the director.

Each poem offers us a subtle state of observation, where sensation of time is lost.