Timeless Art in Room Forty-Eight

Timeless Art in Room Forty-Eight from Boijon Media on Vimeo.

Here we have Benjamin Magrdichian covering the walls and ceiling of his room with an overly-stimulated collage of art. The hope was to create an environment conducive to creativity, a place where one isn't so much entering a room as they are diving into a visual world that provokes thought and imagination.

This is the unexpected culmination of an 8 year project that started in August 2005.
Filmed and performed by Benjamin Magrdichian

This time-lapse is enhanced by "Timeless," another beautiful composition by Gianni Abbott. The piece was originally produced for a theater company in Portland, with lyrics based on "La Belle et la Bête," which was the original French novella that told the story of the Beauty and the Beast. Vocal performances by Sadia Ali and Jude Graves.

This ongoing venture was finished on March 12, 2013 and the art has since been removed.
Download the Soundtrack on Soundcloud – http://snd.sc/1cHqHyL