Honor the Father

Honor the Father from Christopher Tevebaugh on Vimeo.

Diana Bright grasps for a means to escape her husband’s transformation from insecure youth to domineering husband in this musical short about the 1950’s South.
Winner of “Local Grit” at The 2014 Indie Grits Film Festival.
Get the full story! All seven songs, characters and events are on this one EP!
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Dumb in the Sun (Official Music Video)

Dumb in the Sun (Official Music Video) from Anthony Gaddis on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes here: makingofdumbinthesun.tumblr.com/

Greg (Shadwick) and I started off with as many California-dreamy crazy ideas you could possibly conceive of. like Jorodowski’s Sagrada Montagna. we had tons of weirdo but mythologically relevant ideas. but after a while it became obvious that things had to be more ambient or it would be a disconnect from the track. As the idea developed, the car became the corporeal body you are in, the reflections on the glass dream, fantasy & memory- inspired by the track. or by nothing at all. this happens every day. life is more fantasy than reality- we weren’t going to beat people over the head with it, but that was the point we wanted to make. – Anthony Gaddis